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Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke? Has your stroke recovery stalled? 

“We’re sorry, but this is about as good as it will get.” Those words, though well-intentioned and kindly delivered by a medical expert, are chilling and fatalistic to a stroke patient and their loved ones. Sometimes post-stroke treatment can be more emotionally and physically challenging than the stroke itself. The good news is, there are alternative therapies available. Science has not left stroke victims and their loved ones in beds and institutions, just getting by. Our patients, even many years after their stroke or brain injury, have experienced improvement in their vision, movement and memory. Post Stroke Treatment does not necessarily need to be a prison sentence. This treatment has also shown promising results for Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Read our article by Dr. Young about this alternative protocol for post-stroke treatment with real-life experiences and results:  Post-Stroke Treatment Article.

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