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Alternative Cancer Treatments & Testing

We offer Special Testing and Treatment Options for Cancer

cancer treatmentIf you don’t have Cancer, why do you need to know about RGCC testing?

1 in 3 people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.1

While not all of them experience advanced Cancer, knowing what to do if you or a loved one ever face such a situation can help you be better prepared.

You will have your initial consultation with Dr. Young and he will go over the testing options.
Then after the proper testing is completed you will meet again with Dr. Young and he will decide the best treatment for you. We treat all types of cancer in different stages however Dr. Young will decide what treatment will best fit your condition.

Onconomics Plus RGCC Testing

This test provides information about the effect of specific anti-cancer drugs, targeted therapies and natural treatments on the cancer cells in an individual patient. The test combines a molecular and a cellular approach by incorporating two procedures: epigenetic analysis and viability assays.

Onconomics Plus RGCC is based on three methods: testing for the direct effect of an anti-cancer treatment, stimulating the immune system and inhibiting proliferative signals in the cancer cells that stimulate them to grow.

Oncotrace RGCC Testing

This test provides information about the presence of circulating tumor cells, and their concentration and immunophenotype, which may help identify their origin. It is used to provide guidance about a patient’s prognosis, and to help identify the primary tumor when this is unknown.

Wouldn’t you want to know years earlier if Cancer could be detected?

Have you ever wondered because you have a family history of Cancer?

IST (Immune Support Therapy)

The process involves introducing Dendritic cells created from the patient's own peripheral blood. Learn more about Immune Support Therapy.

Vaccine Prep Therapy

Uses tumor cell antigens that are produced from the patient's isolated tumor cells. Learn more about Vaccine Prep.

We offer special testing and treatments for Lyme and Viruses including EBV, Hep C & B, HSV 1 & 2 along with many other viruses excluding Corona Virus.

Prime Spot Testing

Provides information of a virus profile or immunocytokines profile.

SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique) Therapy

SOT is a technique in which circulating bad cells are reverse-engineered to disrupt the DNA of the affected cells in order to destroy them. Each SOT treatment is custom-made for each individual’s cells. It is highly specific to only affect those cells.

SOT has the ability to induce apoptosis (cell death) and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. SOT will remain active in the bloodstream for approximately 24-28 weeks. Since SOT truly has a stealth characteristic it remains undetected by the body’s own defense mechanism. SOT will work 24/7 and has no decreased efficacy.

SOT will be administered by a simple 30 minute IV. There have not been any known anaphylactic reactions from this procedure. Occasionally an individual will complain of a mild headache or fever or flu-like symptoms due to the “die-off” from affected cells. In some cases, the dosing is split into smaller doses.

For more information please visit our YouTube channel to hear Dr. Young speaking about these alternative testing and treatments.

Also, please feel free to download this Cancer Booklet explaining the testing and treatments. Questions to ask your Oncologist.

1 National Cancer InstituteCancer Stats Facts: Cancer of Any Site (based on 2014-2016 data)

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