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Product & Supplement Glossary

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Pancreatic Enzymes 4x

An assortment of enzymes which support healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination.


PS is a naturally occurring phospholipid which is a critical component of cell membranes and is found in especially high concentrations in the brain and nervous tissues. Its benefits promote cognitive function and mental sharpness, support a healthy endocrine response to mental stress, and can help to improve exercise capacity.

Piracetam (Now: Nootropic)

A cognitive enhancer that improves memory and learning. Long term results are seen with this supplement.

Probimune (Formerly Probonix)

This powerful probiotic blend contains a 12-strain formula. This blend delivers a viable, maximized bacterial colonization to the gut that supports natural growth of beneficial bacteria, enhances the natural detoxification process, helps with nutrient digestion and aids the regeneration of healthy cells.

“We believe healthy cells and a properly functioning immune system form the foundation of the human body.”

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