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HGH Therapy So You Want to Be Young

HGH-treatmentIntra-articular human growth hormone injections have multiple benefits including regenerating and repairing meniscus and cartilage, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain.

Human growth hormone works in these areas by stimulating collagen and protein synthesis in human tissues. Recent studies show repeated doses of intraarticular injection of HGH alone, for example: once weekly for 3 weeks, give better results compared to a single dose. HGH doses can also be given in conjunction with PRP injections every 4-6 weeks, at least 3 doses, for optimal repair and pain relief.

According to a well-known orthopedic journal, a study was conducted using HGH for arthritis; 93% of the patients treated with HGH injections in arthritic joints avoided total joint replacement and other surgeries.

Read Dr. Young's article about HGH. So You Want to Be YOUNG

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