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Bemer TreatmentsFocused on Circulation

Improve your life in 16 minutes. Over one million people all over the world are already using BEMER today! Bemer applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body's cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today.

The Bemer Treatments at Young Foundational Health can be used for (but are not limited to) the following circulation and body functions:

bemer treatments General Blood Flow
The Body's Nutrient and Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal
Cardiac Function
Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength and Energy
Concentration, Mental Activity, Stress Reduction and Relaxation
Sleep Management
Skin Treatment

Bemer Treatments consist of 8 minute sessions with suggested treatments twice a week.
***Patients can decide if they want to come in more than twice per week with a maximum of two treatments a day (morning and evening) for a total of 16 minutes per day.

You may see results within the first few treatments. This is a cumulative therapy and can take up to 10-15 weeks to reach maximum benefits. (Equal to 10-15 treatments).

Prior to and after your Bemer Treatment, please drink plenty of water.

Bemer Treatment Pricing/Packages:

Each 8 minute session $20.00
10 treatment package - receive 10% off
15 treatment package - receive 15% off
20 treatment package - recieve 20% off

To find out more about how Young Foundational Health Center can help you manage your circulatory functions and the Bemer Treatment Options, call our office at 727-545-4600 and schedule your appointment to get on the path to a healthier you!

“We believe healthy cells and a properly functioning immune system form the foundation of the human body.”

Success Stories

Thank you! We're thankful for your intervention and for showing us a new way to live!


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