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Meet the DoctorTreating the Cause and Not Just the Symptoms

Dr. John Young

dr john youngAt Young Foundational Health Center, we work from the foundation up. Instead of repairing the “cracks in the wall” or merely treating the symptoms, we aim at the root of the problem. By targeting the cell membrane and the immune system, we improve the overall health of the patient.

Medical researchers worldwide agree that our ability to achieve optimal health begins and ends with our cellular foundation.

To that end, Dr. John Young, M.D. and Young Foundational Health Center have incorporated the latest biochemical, physiological, nutraceutical technologies and protocols into a program designed to address the causes of many chronic illnesses. Building on the work of giants in the medical field such as Kauffman, Klenner and Meyers, and research conducted at Yale, Stanford, Duke and Johns Hopkins Universities, Dr. Young has combined this early work with current understanding and Nobel Prize-winning research to develop a system of the best-known strategies for achieving proper cellular health and function.

The result is a science-based, reliable and effective way to approach chronic conditions. This combined with preventative therapies and nutritional education, provides patients with systemic, effective protocols for achieving the promotion and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Our methods promote the development of a healthy and properly functioning immune system.

Dr. Young and Young Foundational Health Center can consult with you on the health needs of you and your family, review your medical history and develop a plan focusing on your natural, nutritional needs, enabling your body to be restored and operate at peak performance.

Neurological Research from early 2020 to present:
Studying the effects of alpha & beta synuclein protein and potassium channel dysfunction with a specific focus on their effects on the autistic brain, Initial observation indicates the reversing of the protein misfolding and blocking potassium channels; may be able to take Autistic Children from Autistic to near normal. Use of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells among of other biologics like Wharton’s jelly cord tissue and exosomes products for neurological injuries.

Dr. John Young has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and is an MD with a residency in Family Practice. He has been an E.R. physician for more than 15 years. He also has a private practice that specializes in the treatment of chronic and genetic diseases. Click here to view Dr. Young’s full resume.

Dr. Young speaks extensively on the use of basic physiology and biochemistry to treat chronic diseases. John has made international presentations for a pharmaceutical company on the use of anti-microbials in the treatment of infectious diseases in the emergency room. He has been a consultant for various provincial administrations and private corporations in the Republic of South Africa on the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. He did some of the first studies for 3M on the use of a polymer membrane and its use in the treatment of second and third-degree burns. He did the early studies for a major US university on the use of cold lasers in the treatment of chronic wounds.

To read Dr. Young’s articles dealing with various health-related topics, please visit the Young Foundational Health Center Resource Library.

Dr. Young holds three US patents: one for the healing of dermal lesions, one for a way to destroy fungi, and one for a way to destroy bacteria in a unique way. His ongoing research has led to many innovative products being used around the world.

Click here to view Dr. Young’s full resume.

“We believe healthy cells and a properly functioning immune system form the foundation of the human body.”

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